Why Dustless Tile Removal?

Dustless Tile Removal is the best way to remove ceramic floor tile, adhesive, carpet, stone, wood, Saltillo, porcelain, thin-set, backsplash, and tub surround without harming your health or loved ones.

Our contractors can remove all types of flooring, including ceramic, saltillo, natural stone, wood, thinset, black mastic glue, sheet vinyl, carpet, adhesives, micro toppings, terrazzo, and other flooring surfaces, keeping your home cleaner in the process.

Are You Ready For Dust Free Tile Removal

Keep Your Family Safe

Most people don’t realize the dust created in flooring removal and demolition is hazardous crystalline silica.  This dangerous dust is in the air we breathe; however, the concentration of silica we breathe daily is not adequate to cause long term health issues.

In the case of flooring removal, this is not true, especially when it involves cement-based thin-set, leveling compound, tile, and stone.  Due to the high concentration of silica floating around in an enclosed space such as a home or office during a flooring removal project, these levels will always exceed OSHA’s Permissible Exposure Level (PEL) by many, many factors.

OSHA has listed crystalline silica as a respiratory hazard for occupational workers.  The medical diagnosis often includes Silicosis and Lung Cancer, as silica has been rated a human lung carcinogen by both NIOSH and the CDC. If silica dust is terrible for occupational workers, then it certainly is not suitable for you and your family.

Rockwood USA LLC knows the importance of fighting for your family and their safety. We are verteran-owned and want to make sure you can rest easy at night knowing you are being taken care of and safe.

Rockwood USA guarantees a cleaner and faster service than any other contractors in the industry. We remove tile at unbelievable speeds and never compromise your air quality. Our system has been perfected through the years and we ensure a completely dust free result. Your home will be clean, if not, cleaner than it was from when we first arrived.

Rockwood USA services The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball and Northwest Houston areas.

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